istanbul bosphorus

Istanbul Bosphorus is like a necklace of Istanbul. The Istanbul Bosphorus is the spirit of the biggest city of Turkey which is Istanbul. There are works which beautify the cities, squares, rivers, parks, statues.

Poems, legends, travelogues are written for the sake of Istanbul. Istanbul is the only city in the world that has spread to two continens.

It has the bosphorus that seperates Asia and Europe, connects the Black Sea and Marmara. It is a very important and a beautiful water canal.

istanbul bosphorus

History of Bosphorus

Bosphorus coasts have been a home to different civilizations over the history.

In B.C.685, the Greeks who came from Megara established a city-state in a region called the historical peninsula. Bosphorus is the symbol of Istanbul that had been hosted East Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire.

Today Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey and one of the most important place that have been used in overseas promotion.

Bosphorus and Transportation

Bosphorus has the feature of being the narrowest passage where international sea transportation can be done. It holds the First Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

These bridges connect Asia and Europe also creates passing spots. Bosphorus is one of the key points of public transportation in Istanbul. Sea buses, freigters, ferryboats that carry vehicles and passengers, city line ferries and passenger ships travel on these bridges.

Bosphorus Tours

These tours is irreplaceable for the people who lives in Istanbul and for those who came to visit.


There are city line ferries which do short and long trip to Bosphorus and there are special boats either. I think, the best trip is the one that starts with Eminönü and drops by Beşiktaş, Kanlıca, Sarıyer, Rumelikavağı and Anadolu Kavağı. It takes 5 hours to travel.


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