When you stay in 5-star hotels, you get superior service quality and the comfort you are looking for. In this text, we talked about the facilities you can find in 5-star hotels.


What is a 5-star hotel?

It carries outstanding features with regard to location, constraction, installation, supplying, decoration and service quality. They must have at least 120 rooms.

How do they do the star classification of the hotels?

There is no international formal system for hotels. Lots of countries and territories have their own special criterion. The only international system that is being used is the 5-star classification.

For instance, In England, hotels are evaluated by the service delivery but in Italy, it is by the cleanliness. In Turkey, hotels are evaluted by the ministry of culture and tourism.


Here are the services and facilities that should be in a 5-star hotel:

  • If there is more than one floor that people use for going upstairs and downstairs, there should be an elevator in capacity of the number of the people.
  • In the room, there should be a study table, central lighting button near the bed and jack, cheval glass.
  • In rooms, there should be 10 materials that is with an emblem on it. Like towel, dental cleaning kit, disposable slipper, sewing kit, shoemaker and polish, body shampoo, makeup cleaning cotton, tissue, umbrella‚Ķ
  • In bathrooms, there should be bathtub, phone for emergencies and magnifying mirror.
  • There should be non-smoking rooms which take at least 5% of the hotel room capacity
  • There should be parking garages and a staff has to work in there.
  • Unlimited internet connection in rooms.
  • There should be a hairdresser and a barber.
  • The stores in that hotel.
  • There should be 24/7 room service.
  • Cheerful staff who took an education about service.
  • There should be a la carte restaurant and restaurant.
  • The customer service and consultancy apart from the reception with an experienced staff.
  • A phone that connected to the reception in floor corridors.


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